Over Brunch

Late mornings are the best and you always know where to suggest we go when I’m in the city.

We were talking about these plans and our future and all the DOPE things we’d segway into and I started getting excited because I wanted to show you how I’d be there the entire way to support you. And remind you how much you’d regret it if you didn’t at least give it a shot. Then I couldn’t help but pipe in the plans that you’ve been so incredible about and that’s when you started getting excited.

Then you got quiet. I only realized because I was gushing at this point and had looked over at you, just smiling at me.

I kept going because I had so much to say and I was so happy!

I finally decided to stop and ask you, “what?”

You just shook your head and smiled. “You.”

Yeah, “you” too.


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