Ferris Bueller

So Spotify told me that today marks the 30 years since one of the most iconic movies of my generation was made.

I’m a fan of John Hughes and his movies but this movie was one of his best.

This post is an “ode” to this cult-classic.

I’m counting down the weeks and the days until the next big move of my life. In the past 5 years I’ve made really big decisions that I try really hard to make sure it doesn’t have any negative impact on any of the people I love. My decisions weren’t always ones that had the big thumbs up from everyone and sometimes they came to bite my ass. But I’m really happy to say that I haven’t thought to regret any of them… yet.

I don’t know if it’s the span of 5 years that has suddenly hit me or that I really just want my life to slow down for a little bit but I’m getting tired. I’m tired of trying and needing to make things work out. I’m tired of thinking ahead and not knowing what I have to look forward to or what I have to worry about. I’m tired of not having the time to enjoy the hard work I’ve made these past couple years because there’s always something new and greater that happens. You would look at me and think I was an idiot to say no to the opportunities that happen to me. I need to apologize for sounding extremely ungrateful because I’m not; I could not begin to thank whoever or whatever it is that’s looking out for me for all the things that I’ve been so fortunate to have and earn. But I can’t apologize for how tired I’m getting because sometimes I know what I have and I don’t want more. I don’t need it. I don’t go looking for it. I know what I have and I know that nothing golden ever stays so I want to make sure that the time that I have I get to remember it all. I’m making this big move again in a couple weeks and for the first time I get up with wet cheeks and I know exactly why. I go to bed with the same sad eyes that wishes that the days would go by a little slower.

My life is this amazing ride that hasn’t stopped yet and I don’t think it’s planning to any time soon. Right now, I just wish it was a carousel that I loved so much as a kid; I’d pick the prettiest horse (or unicorn) and ride it around and around for what felt like forever. I had no idea I’d miss that so much.



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