“Last” Countdown

13 more days.

I’m trying to hold it together but my incessant need to do everything all at once is going to put me in the corner soon enough. The life lines that I have are in time zones that are either an entire 24 hours ahead or a couple hours behind. The closest ones I have to just an hour ahead have lives that have us scrambling Skype time in between their studying and work and my work hours and my frantically working everything down to the last minute (again, sigh).

I’m excited (duh) and I have these moments throughout the day where I wish I was just there already but then I will have this beautiful wind flow through my apartment or have my entire shipping crew sing the current 90s song that’s stuck in their head, to me, and I still can’t imagine why I got to experience all of this.

I’ve been asking everyone who’s close to me to describe me in one word lately; out of the idea that I had a conversation about what I would name the restaurant I’m dreaming to open one day and I had no idea, hoping that the words would inspire me. And instead, as per usual, all these amazing individuals did more than inspire me, they let me hide under their wings for a little while because they all always knew there was something more. They’ve kept my head on straight throughout this process and I will never know how to say thank you in a way I think is enough.

I am grateful to all the people that I’ve been so lucky to meet here and I’m a better person for all the things they’ve taught me. I’m ready for the new chapter in my life with this amazing guy by my side.

Here’s to jumping feet first and hitting the ground running.




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