Another Hit!

So when this trailer came out weeks before the release, I was stoked! Between the Stephen King references and the ode to every 80s & 90s cult classic made, I knew it was going to be good.

Then the reviews came out. OBVIOUSLY THEY WERE FANTASTIC. And that made me have doubts. Netflix has this way of rushing shows or worse, dragging them out so long to make the strict number of episodes over a season that they lose their audience by episode 8. On top of that, I couldn’t believe that everyone who’s seen it had the same opinion of it; you either will need a lot of time to spare to binge watch it or make that time because you’re going to forget whatever else you were going to do after the first episode.

I watched the first episode and read the reviews again and rewatched the first episode. Thank god. This show was definitely worth all the nerdy hype. IT. IS. SO. BLOODY. GOOD. But seriously, go watch it and listen to the advice that everyone is giving out; you need the whole 8 hours because it’s an eight episode season and you really won’t know when you started and when you stopped until the last episode shows it’s credits.

I’m awful when it comes to giving spoilers; I always try to tell everyone not to ask me questions if we’re watching something that I’ve already seen because I always say too much. So this is where I end my love for this show.

I hear rumors of Season 2. SEASON 2.


Cheers, kids.


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