Forks… And Spoons

Wow, it’s been awhile since I last wrote a post!

Here’s my life right now:

The boyfriend finally got his offer letter and accepted! We’re moving to ONTARIO! I have been relentless about finding work out there too; which I’m surprised I have yet to get tired of. I was exhausted when I was looking for work when I moved out to Edmonton but that turned out for the best anyways. So. I love being busy, really, more than most people ever but damn my mind won’t quit. I’m starting to feel it a little bit, physically, but then again coffee runs through my veins so when I don’t have any, I hurt.

What else is there? That’s currently taking up a lot of my energy and I’m so excited so I honestly just feel it when the day’s ending and we’re getting ready for bed. My body gets sore and it aches and I’m just grumps as sh*t.

There was something about forks and spoons…

Oh! I’m writing a review food blog. So far, it’s been pretty cool. I’ve had a chance, by chance, to check out a couple places in the city to review. Both the complete opposite. Check it out, if you’re into food and.. reviews

There was something else about forks…

Mmmmm. Maybe when I remember, I’ll save that for another post.

Hope everyone is having a good summer. It’s almost FALL – heart eyes – !! It’s not #basic. I really do love the season haha.

Tomorrow’s September! Holy. Wow.

Cheers, kids.


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