Another Countdown

It’s been awhile! I have to admit my life has become a little bit more exciting since the last time. Also, since the last time I couldn’t express how excited I was about all the events happening because I could barely believe it myself…

What’s the countdown for this time? WE’RE MOVING TO ONTARIO IN A WEEK!! How excited are we? We’ve been itching for almost three weeks now and as much as it’s been stressful and challenging, we’re really ready to go. We shipped out stuff last week and now we’re finding that we’re really enjoying all this time together since all we have is the one space in our apartment. We’re learning a lot, again, about each other. I love this little nugget so much. And there it is. That’s the biggest thing to share in my life right now. “Big things. Big things.” *as quoted constantly by my bffs across the country and across the world from me*

I hear that it’s getting colder and *snowy* across different cities and to my surprise, this little one hasn’t had an inch yet. Yet. But it’s cold and windy which gives me the chance to layer all I want.

On a small, really positive, and happy note: I’ve been saying this a lot to my SO lately but I think it’s about time the universe gets a little public recognition. I really am so, so lucky. For all of this. For this amazing guy who continues to choose to love me every day (and to his family and friends who I adore), for this unreal opportunity we’re going to be going through together, for the incredible tribe that I call my family and friends (who turned family because I cannot even begin to thank them all for what they do for me), and for all the things I’ve gone through and all the people who have shaped me – no matter how they came about to do it – this past year has been a wild, Alice in Wonderland, ride and I… THANK YOU.

And that’s where I end this Sunday post. Hope everyone is having a fantastic one – and if you’re in my city, even with this gloom, I hope it’s still pretty great.




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